Cars 3 – Official US Trailer

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44 thoughts on “Cars 3 – Official US Trailer

  1. KenTinel says:

    The 'one more dream' and 'last chance' reminds me of the monster university for some reason with the music and the music also makes me think about the final race in the 1st cars movie 😭

  2. helmie mie says:

    I hope some movie company will make a movie includes all iconic cars such as batmobile,herbie,ecto 1,dmc delorean and many more iconic movies car…plz…it will be an awesome cars movie!!

  3. Scarly says:

    I wish Lightning McQueen would still be the fastest racer ever and that there would be more movies for him. I want to watch more movies about him so badly that I don't want any other characters taking over his spotlight😤😤😤😤😤☹☹☹☹☹☹😤😤😤😤

  4. Kuzman Pro says:

    We all dont want McQyeen to stop the racing so if you want that go on the reviews and tell the company that we want McQyeen to win because the film is boring with him not wining :]

  5. Prakhar Sharma says:

    This movie was not as good as Cars, but at least it recognises that getting old affects your speed, Michael Schumacher himself got beaten by Nico Rosberg, although he went on to beat the current 6 time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, but that's a different story

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