10 Most Expensive Cars Coming Out In 2020

Looking for a new car this year? Buckle up! Here’s the 10 Most Expensive New Cars launching in 2020! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrLuxuryBrand Instagram: …

25 thoughts on “10 Most Expensive Cars Coming Out In 2020

  1. Grady Lester says:

    200 and 11 mph? Ohhh, you mean 211mph. I can't stand it when people put the word "and" in a number. It turns one number into two numbers. I hate pet peeves. Lol
    These are expensive, not most expensive

  2. Joe Venuti says:

    Really LOW on accurate information. The "First 812 Ferrari in over 50 years." What NONSENSE. This is the ONLY model 812. Ferrari have had 12 cylinder engines in their lineup every year for over 50 years (V-12 and flat 12).

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