Top 10 RC RTR Cars of 2019 (and beyond)

What are some of the top R/C Car’s available in 2019? There are so many to choose from, but we narrow it down to 10. Keep watching to find out. For more info …

22 thoughts on “Top 10 RC RTR Cars of 2019 (and beyond)

  1. Chris Hirner says:

    I hear different thing about the arma cars and the traxxas cars. Im fairly well invested in traxxas owning an xmaxx rustler and a slash so i have my feelings. But as a retailer honestly would you recomend the arma kraton 6s or the new erevo? Its hard to get an honest recomendation because most people reviewing em on here also sell them and may have better deals on one brand over the other. But you seem like a straight shooter. Erevo or kraton.

  2. Rabbid0281 says:

    Dude, it is NOT EMKAY!!!!!!!!! Mk2 is pronounced, "mark two". You've been educated, now never ever say emkay ever again, and be respected for correct pronunciation. Also, did you say miskelanious? lmfao…

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