Tony Stewart shows off his absurd car collection to Jeff Gordon | Around the Track

Tony Stewart gives Jeff Gordon a tour of his amazing garage as the NASCAR icons share stories while checking out Stewart’s ridiculous collection that includes …

28 thoughts on “Tony Stewart shows off his absurd car collection to Jeff Gordon | Around the Track

  1. Eric Stewart says:

    thanks tony and jeff l eric stewart lost fifty lbs and can press one million one hundred thousand lbs a weekend . i am an american trucker in logging industry kareoke singer daydreamer biker . dad and i have electric ideas for the future. i am in fabulous fifties and growing. i had to knievel motorcycle wrecks broke ribs and punctured a lung. and lost face shield on river road at midnight. i want to set the age record in racing for hillin foyt and earnhardt and knievel. i called lucas stadium for a knievel jump and music revival. maybe pastrana and robbie knievel could show up. all for now happy trails. eric stewart monroe city indiana

  2. GetsumJ says:

    Love the collection. But never got over what the Outlaws did to the backyard Super Modified racers of the time. Smiley Chassis, Outlaw Sponsership made it too expensive for the weekend racer…. which was the roots of dirt track. Same thing happened to me when I ran Heavy Eliminators in the "True" Ā¼ mile days before "Dial-a-time". Man…. you guys are kids LOL

  3. redkelly says:

    tony stewedrats' daddy is a long time a alcoholic and use to beat the shit out of him when he did not win those little go cart races in those early days, tony i forgive you for murder

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