41 thoughts on “Show Cars vs. Race Cars

  1. Goofist Mcnutty says:

    22 years old, can't afford crap, so I don't even have a car of my own. But I love both. I'd love to get myself an M3 BMW or old school Challenger or Nova some day, and build whatever I've got up into something that catches eyes and rips tires on the track. Why only love one or the other when you can love both?

  2. Felix Mounsey says:

    I love show cars, but they still have to have the potential to race for me. For example, I absolutely hate massive camber and stretch tires, because the car is now not functional at all and very dangerous to drive.

  3. TurnStyleGames says:

    A car that isn't heavily driven…is an abused and neglected car. Likewise, a showcar is cool until the pursuit of an aesthetic negatively impacts the driving quality or safety of the car…then it's just dumb.

  4. CRESPO GREEK says:

    There are those who called Street racers, its bad but the truth is i want my car too look as good as possible while i can drag race someone at the stop light.. Its dangerus i know but sports men also cheat sometimes..

  5. Johnathan Krausrig says:

    Why Showcars need to look ugly? i dont understand why they making their cars almost undrivable with their extreme negative chambers with undersized tires on oversized rims. this just looks like a pile of shit in my eyes. Fuck the Showcar community. i just decided to hate them for such trends

  6. Isaiah Walden says:

    I love when car enthusiasts pretend to appreciate all car cultures but catch them in their natural element when the cameras not rolling and they’re bashing everything that’s not their style lol

  7. name's Zeus says:

    I know car guys are supposed to respect all builds but FUCK stancing bro. Stancing is the most disgusting STUPID thing you could do to a car EVER. It deserves no respect whatsoever. Stancing is another form of ricers, dont care, dont change my mind

  8. OhYou_ says:

    What bothers me are those few enthusiasts who REALLY go the extra mile to ensure what would be a very functional and proper feature to a car is completely nonfunctional and critically detrimental to the car's performance and safety. The same can be said for track cars with highly functional modifications that are downright unsafe to drive on streets where there are bumps and pedestrians and collidable objects like potholes or debris.

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