Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN'T CARS!

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21 thoughts on “Film Theory: The Cars in The Cars Movie AREN'T CARS!

  1. Johnny Mill says:

    So here's unrelated fact to the theory but still interesting nonetheless. Lightning McQueen is based on Steve McQueen who even had the same nicknames for stage and personal life. Cars 2 is more making fun of the fact that people only remember Steve McQueen for the movies, not the racer he was.

  2. Daphne Asis Brinkworth says:

    I have a darker theory

    The cars are actually humans/androids beacause it it the only way of survival after destroying the world with global warming. (After wall E) the humans recreated themselves in order to survive….. omg

  3. Fluffy Snow says:

    Wait, if cars is in the same universe as let’s say… toy story then toy story has humans and on earth but cars does not and is on earth….
    Does cars take place in a earth In a different galaxy or on the other side of The Milky Way?

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