Best New Cars for 2020 – Latest Cars & SUVs | Edmunds

The Edmunds crew hit the ground running at the 2019 New York Auto Show. In this video, we’ve rounded up our impressions of the most notable vehicle debuts …

43 thoughts on “Best New Cars for 2020 – Latest Cars & SUVs | Edmunds

  1. John Doe says:

    OMG….1) A Cadillac (horrible quality and reliability)…2) then on to a $40,000 Mazda diesel SUV…I just turned the video off. This is nonsense. Guarantee they are getting paid to say these things.

  2. michaelsvlog says:

    Worst design ever for that ford escape total failure. The only part of the design they got right is the rear of car. The front looks empty and dull and the interior carries on the same trend.

  3. Ember2460 Harrington says:

    When you Honk when you lock and set your car alarm it wakes people up and can startle people near your car with the loud noise. The auto industry needs to fix this. Now! It causes great stress for many of us who have to listen to it all day and night long and is dangerous for hypertension cardiac issues and ptsd. Please lock cars quietly with light flash only for your neighbors sleep and peace of mind. Thank you.

  4. Jordan Roy says:

    Edmunds needs to get some better reporters, they sound very unnatural, especially that lady, sounds like she’s reading it for the first time and trying to make it sound convincing, and whey did that guy mention James Dean when talking about the Porsche? Kinda rude. Good one Edmunds.

  5. James Gordon says:

    All fossil fuel burning cars are toxic products and none should receive any awards or accolades due to the destructive impacts on the atmosphere and our future.
    Only electrics count.
    All others are obsolete.
    Shame on Edmunds for helping accelerate climate change.

  6. im miata mike says:

    I wish Honda or Toyota would make another small cheap sport car that people can afford under $16,500. Such as
    Toyota MR2
    Mazda A1-Z
    Honda S660
    Pontiac Fiero
    Mazda MX-5 Miata
    The new Miata is selling like hot cakes and I think other manufacturers are missing out. I personally own a Miata and I gotta say if you have some extra cash laying around and some OT available a few times a month at work go and get one for a fun weekend car.

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